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Spartan Camera Go Live set up on a tree


Fast Duck Motors is now introducing:

Fast Duck Outdoors!

Fast Duck Outdoors offers a wide range of products for the great outdoors. From Going Places Others Can't to Being Places Others Can't. 

Fast Duck Outdoors has happily teamed up with Spartan Camera and Banks Outdoors to provide high-quality products for hunters and outdoorsmen alike. Anywhere from leading cellular scouting cameras to watertight adjustable feeders for any of your outdoor activities. 

Spartan Camera

Keep an eye on all your properties with Spartan Camera whether it be Hunting, Security or Land Management.


Spartan Camera produces high-quality outdoors products for hunters and outdoorsmen alike, but these days Spartan Camera focuses on: creating powerful, industry leading cellular scouting cameras.

With our industry-leading cellular cameras, you can see images of what is happening in near real time, sent directly to your smart phone or web portal.”

With Spartan Cameras, you truly don’t have to be there.

Banks Outdoors

No need to worry about your prize buck getting hung up on the legs of your feeder with Banks Outdoors.

The Banks Outdoors Feed Bank Feeder can be mounted on a single post, so it won't interfere with or damage antler growth.

Adjustable feeding ports allow you to control the flow of feed to suit your herd's needs.

Watertight feed container ensures feed remains dry and fresh, even through inclement weather.

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Final6 Spartan Camera
Banks Feeder
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